Confessions of a stay at home mom

Confessions of a stay at home mom

 ten things i’ve learned (so far) about what its really like to be a stay at home mom


Your wardrobe changes

Move over skinny jeans, here come yoga pants.  Yes, thats right I’ve become that mom.  And don’t get me wrong, on days I workout they see a lot of action but on all other days I wear them because they are the most comfortable thing I have ever worn and lets be honest, the stretchiness is the best thing to ever happen to pants and moms.  The only draw back is I have become a little obsessive and now my drawers look like a Lululemon catalog.  I highly recommend you splurge on some Lululemon Pants.  They still look brand new and I bought them 4 years ago.  They still have the same stretch as the day I bought them, and hey they are fashionable.  If you don’t feel like spending your whole pay check then I’m also a big fan of Fabletics and Athleta.  They have great patterns, colors and come in all shapes and sizes.  Best of all, are there sale racks.  You can always find stuff that they’ve marked down and your still getting great quality and fun attractive patterns.

No more “mom jeans” hello “yoga pants”!


You will never go to the bathroom alone again

You private bathroom time that once was has now become the conference room for the whole family.  No more 10 minute magazine or Facebook readings.  You are now sitting on the toilet reading stories, stopping sticky hands from breaking your perfume bottles and stopping mid stream to catch them before they fall into the bath.  It’s really a nightmare, I feel like I now have to sneak in a bathroom run in the early mornings or at nap time.  And honestly waiting to go till nap time sucks!  And when you do finally get a moment its soon interrupted by screams of “mamaaaaaaaaaaa”!  No wonder woman complain about digestive issues after pregnancy.  Makes sense now.




You will need to make new friends

No more going out with you single friends, they don’t get it.  No more going out with married couple friends, they don’t get it either.  Your new friends (besides Daniel Tiger on PBS) become “stay at home mom friends” because well, THEY GET IT!  The hardest part of becoming a stay at home mom was getting out there and meeting other moms that were in my same boat.  I joined a  mommy and me group  after asking on Facebook what other moms did to make friends. I found one that was local and jumped right in.  It was the best decision I could have ever made.  It’s where I met my village.  I was very intimated at first to walk into a room full of other moms but like me they were probably feeling the same way .  To my surprise these women were not intimidating at all, actually the complete opposite.  They were all supportive, good listeners and above all they all had a great sense of humor! Exactly what you look for in a friend and it was exactly what I was looking for!  I can’t imagine my life now without these woman.  Yes, having a baby changes your life, and yes friends change but at the end of the day changes (hopefully) are a good thing!



You loose your temper more than you’d like to admit

I’ve never said the word “no” so many times in a day before.  It’s like every other word is “No”.  My hormones have hit an all time high and I don’t know how to bring them down. Everything aggravates me, everything annoys me, and all I feel like doing is screaming at the top of my lungs, which surprisingly has happened and who knew I had such lung power.  And the funny thing is I know I’m acting crazy I just can’t control it!  Thank you Hormones, THANK YOU!




your house is always a hot mess

Hire someone to clean your house, its worth the money. Trust me you will thank me.



coffee becomes your new best friend

I have found a new found love for coffee.  It is my best friend in the morning, it is my pick me up after my morning coffee and it is my after nap time savor.  I can’t imagine my life without it.  Only downside is I now have to make my coffee at home because my daily Starbucks run has gotten 10 times more expensive since my son has discovered their Cake Pops. Of course!



your kid becomes your alarm clock

remember the days when you would set your alarm clock and it made a beep sound or maybe a favorite melody.  Well those days are gone. You are now woken up at all hours by a crying, screaming, and whining human being that doesn’t have a snooze button or an off switch.  But as time passes it does get easier when your kid sleeps through the night.  Though he/she will still wake you up at the crack of done even sometimes before the sun even rises and they are ready to start their day.  Seriously why can’t they sleep in?!  WHY?!

your meals become pretty cheesy

Yes, I blog about food and yes, I eat the food I blog about, but I still have to feed my son and that comes with its own fun challenges.  So on most days when I am so tired from my job of being a Stay at Home Mom all I want to cook for him is a grilled cheese, mac and cheese, or pasta with cheese.  Its easy, fast and he will eat it, most days.  But like most toddlers they only eat a 1/4 of what you put in front of them and like most people wasting food is a no no.  So what do I do, yea you guessed it; I finish his plate.  My diet has become pretty cheesy that I really need to invest in better cheese choices, hopefully he we like Brie or Havarti Cheese.  Who am I kidding, of course he will, its cheese!

mom brain is real

I’ve lost my mind, literally.  I forget peoples names, I leave all the lights on in the house,  I space out for minutes on end and sometimes I don’t know what day it is.  I can officially say “mom brain” is not an excuse it is real!

Its all worth it

It is all worth it, this parent, stay at home mom thing.  Yes it has it’s many downs but it has many more highs.  Highs I’ve never felt before and I feel so fortunate to be able to get to experience them.  It’s hard work and yes being a Stay at home Mom is a job!  I would be a very wealthy women if I was paid for this.  But I get paid in other ways and I have learned to accept that this is my new reality.  And to be honest, I wouldn’t change it for anything.  Sometimes you need to do whats right for your family.  Being at home with your kids is not a sacrifice its a gift.  So cherish all the good, the bad, the uncomfortable and the beautiful mess that it is!

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